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Saturday 10 May 2014

In this local garden at Wickham Bishops in Essex the lily of the valley, Convallaria majalis proves it has a rhizomatous stem as it follows the gaps in the paving! The plant will grow in semi or full shade and appreciates a moist root run. After flowering there are red berries. So sorry the blog does not do scent as this was amazing and must waft into the house.

I really visited to see the famous 250 foot long wisteria more of that tomorrow…

Jill Raggett



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Not all skinny people are starving

Vine by lunchtrae


Wooden Honedge! It actually comes out of its sheath!!!

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I feel that Yemen is one of the few remaining places on earth that hold a magical sense of nostalgia and romance. It truly is beautiful and it’s a great shame that it gets portrayed in movies and tv shows as one of the worst places to live in and is usually brought up as a joke… If in doubt, speak to a geographer!

Saint Laurent (2014) Official Trailer

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Yet another environment for “Dragonfly Holiday” - This time I drew the distant cliff-side residence of Paul and Lucette. Ok now for an interior…


i was tagged by morclinsolus to do the “6 selfies i felt cutest in” thing but i’m extra as hale so i did 10

im too lazy to tag people also this is all about me


Little Witch Academia 2 Concept Artwork by You Yoshinari (吉成曜)

"Our schedule for April is to come up with a solid plot for the title. We thought it would be best for everyone if we can have Mr. Yoshinari illustrate an artwork based on the actual plot of the story." - TRIGGER (Read More)


Endless Night
Adam Marshall Photography 

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